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The Porcupine District Agricultural Society is a non-profit organization. The PDAS Committee consists of many volunteers who dedicate their time and effort in order to present safe, educational and fun activities for families in our community. As a Farmers market Vendor, we, the committee, expect you and your staff to support the efforts put out by our members by displaying respectful conduct towards members of the society, exhibitors, other vendors and the public visiting our fair. Any behaviours deemed inappropriate, offensive, confrontational and or physical in any manner will be dealt with immediately. Consequences will vary depending on the offence and can go anywhere from being asked to leave the grounds to refusal of booth rental for the following year. All incidents during the fair hours would be reported immediately to the booth directors. It is our sincere hope that everyone participating at our fair will have a pleasant experience and all involved will ensure our Fair to be a successful one.

​Code of Conduct: About
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